Transit Service Evaluation and Planning Assistance RFP

The City of Vacaville seeks transit service evaluation and planning assistance from a consultant with significant fixed-route service evaluation, route design, and scheduling/operations planning experience to support development of a comprehensive operational service delivery plan for the Vacaville City Coach fixed-route bus system. The transit service delivery plan will identify short-term, revenue-neutral actions to improve current operations and the effectiveness of the City Coach system, as well as scenario recommendations that exceed current revenue-neutral status, should additional resources for transit operations and related capital investment become available.

The context for this effort includes evolving development patterns within Vacaville, changes in the location of transit trip generators, and other changes such as the completion of the Fairfield/Vacaville Train Station, and later day-start of Vacaville Unified School District students.

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2007 SRTP

2013 SRTP

RFP# 2017-01 Transit Service Evaluation and Planning Assistance

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City Coach Transit Historical Performance Data

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Vacaville General Plan

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Land Use Element

Chapter 3 – Transportation Element

Chapter 4 – Conservation and Open Space Element

Chapter 5 – Parks and Recreation Element

Chapter 6 – Public Facilities and Services Element

Chapter 7 – Safety Element

Chapter 8 – Noise Element

Chapter 9 – Glossary

Chapter 10 – Appendix


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