Origin to Destination Paratransit

Origin to Destination Paratransit bus service is available to qualified, certified persons with disabilities unable to board a City Coach fixed route bus, access a City Coach bus stop, or otherwise navigate the regular fixed route bus system due to a disabling condition as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This does not include disabilities that only make use of accessible transit service difficult or inconvenient.

City Coach Origin to Destination Paratransit provides shared ride, origin to destination bus service by advance appointment. Service operates parallel to the fixed route system, during the same hours and days. City Coach Origin to Destination Paratransit fares are listed on the Fares tab of our website.

An in-person assessment is required to determine eligibility. To schedule your in-person assessment please call (707) 541-7184 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. A friendly attendant will help you navigate the program and answer all your questions.

Upon completion of your in person assessment you will receive a determination letter within 21 calendar days. If determination is not made within the 21 calendar days service can be utilized until determination is made.

Eligibility and Information: (707) 541-7184

WHERE DOES Origin to Destination Paratransit GO?

City Coach Origin to Destination Paratransit operates within the city boundaries of Vacaville. Any person who is unable to use general public fixed-route transit service, such as Vacaville City Coach, is eligible for City Coach Origin to Destination Paratransit.


One-Way ADA Fare            $2.00

20-Ride ADA Punch Pass  $39.00

You must pay the driver at the time of the pick-up, or show a 20-Ride Special Services Punch Pass to the bus driver.

You can purchase a 20-Ride Special Services Punch Pass at these locations within the City of Vacaville:

  • City Hall, 650 Merchant Street.
  • McBride Senior Center, 91 Town Square Place.
  • Ulatis Cultural Center, 1020 Ulatis Drive.
  • Lucky Stores at 1979 Peabody Road or 777 East Monte Vista.