Travel Training

City Coach travel training is a FREE one-on-one or group training. A trainer will meet you at a location of your choice, board the bus with you, introduce you to the driver, explain the amenities of the bus and return with you to your initial meeting place. Let City Coach Travel Trainers increase your knowledge of local public transportation whiles you to relax and increase your independence and freedom.

All first time users of the Travel Training program receive a folder containing the following items:

  • Program managers contact information
  • Map/Schedule
  • Travel Training guide (Printed Version)
  • First Time Rider Kit including 2 Free day passes
  • Travel Training DVD
  • Travel Training testimonials
  • Current City Coach promotional flyers
  • City Coach comment card

There is no limit on how many travel training sessions a rider or groups of riders may participate in. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment while you learn your local transportation system. For FREE Travel Training call 449-6000 TODAY

Youth Travel Training

Our Vacaville City Coach Free Youth Travel Training Program promotes greater independence and the confidence to travel through the use of City Coach public transit. As an independent traveler, you can rely less on family and friends for transportation and have the freedom to plan your trips according to your own schedule. Download your Travel Training Guide Today.