Transit Service Evaluation and Planning



Every 3-5 years the City’s transit system (City Coach) is evaluated for the purpose of realigning bus routes and service times based on the changing needs of transit passengers, resident inquires for service, land use and development changes that have occurred.

The last service evaluation was performed in 2013. As approved by City Council on May 23, 2017, the City has contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to perform an in depth analysis of the City Coach transit system which will lay the foundation for future route system enhancements.

The scope of work for this project includes:

  1. A market analysis of demographics, land use/trip generators and travel patterns
  2. Analysis of all existing City Coach routes, passenger survey and a stop by stop count of passenger boarding and alighting to develop an origin/destination analysis
  3. Public visioning meetings to engage the public in a discussion of public transit needs and desires
  4. Based on the accumulated data and public visioning meetings, development of bus route service alternatives and schedules and additional public meetings
  5. Development of the final service alterative options which will form the basis for a future City Council presentation on modifications to City Coach routes.

It is the City’s intention that the developed service plan will be used as a blueprint in restructuring the City’s fixed route transit system.


This page is dedicated to reporting the status of the Transit Service Evaluation and Planning Project. Stay tuned for project updates.  And as always, your input is valued!




Vacaville Transit Service Evaluation Study Working Paper Two Route and Network Evaluation – 11/22/17

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City Coach & You, Public Outreach Meetings – 10/17/17 – If unable to attend the meeting you can provide comments by sending an email to

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City Coach Passenger Survey Flyer (Español) – 9/20/2017

Vacaville Transit Service Evaluation Study Working Paper One Market Analysis  – 9/15/2017