Intercity Taxi Scrip Program

The Solano County Intercity Taxi Scrip Program is a flexible option limited to qualified ADA Paratransit certified riders. This service provides premium curb-to-curb same day transportation at a reduced cost for trips within Solano County. This program is in addition to ADA Paratransit bus services available by public transit providers throughout Solano County.

If you are not currently ADA Paratransit certified, and would like to learn more, please click here.

Eligibility and Information: (707) 541-7184

Please click here to view the Solano County Intercity Taxi Scrip Program Riders’ Guide.
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Once qualified, and in receipt of your Solano County ADA Paratransit Eligibility Card, Local Taxi Scrip can be purchased at:
Vacaville City Hall
Finance Department
650 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 95688
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Intercity Taxi Scrip Booklet Availability

As the Intercity Taxi Scrip program relies on annual grants and a limited annual budget, to preserve the program, the number of booklets available to individuals each month will be limited.
Qualified individuals (or those purchasing on behalf of qualified individuals) will be able to purchase up to five (5) booklets per month, subsequent to availability. There will be no exception as it will adversely impact others ability to receive their monthly Intercity Taxi Scrip. Intercity Taxi Scrip goes on sale the first of the month.