Local Taxi Scrip Program

The City of Vacaville administers a Half-Fare Discount Taxi Scrip Program, which provides qualified individuals the opportunity to use the services of Vacaville’s local Taxi Cab companies at half the regular fare.  

Program Details:

  • Local Taxi Scrip booklets can be purchased for $10.00/each and are worth $20.00 in local taxi service;
  • The qualified individual can designate another individual to purchase on their behalf Local Taxi Scrip Program(requires completion of Third Party Authorization Form) ;
  • Qualified program participants can purchase up to 5 booklets per day, or a maximum of 20 booklets per month;
  • Taxi cab services through the use of this program are limited to the city limits of the City of Vacaville.

Qualifications For Local Taxi Scrip Program:

  1. A Solano County Paratransit ADA Eligibility Card. To receive a Solano County Paratransit ADA Eligibility Card individuals must complete an in-person assessment. An in-person assessment can be scheduled by calling (707) 541-7184.
Once qualified, and in receipt of your Solano County ADA Paratransit Eligibility Card, Local Taxi Scrip can be purchased at:
Vacaville City Hall
Finance Department
650 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 95688
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Third Party Authorization Form
Download the Authorization Form to designate another individual to purchase local taxi scrip booklets on your behalf.